the world's most popular media companies choose C2Hosting

Media i/o Origin Storage

Deliver petabytes of your content to your customers on any device! iPhone/iPad, AppleTV, Network Televisions, Blackberries, Android, and more.


Support for the latest versions of all major LAMP based technologies to deliver support the delivery of your digital media

Support for PHP 4/5

Compiled with YOUR requirements Up-to-date and secure versions of PHP 4 and 5 with MySQL 4.1.11 and PostgreSQL 7.4.7

Streaming Media Management

HTML5, Adobe FMS, Microsoft Silverlight, and Progressive Download are all supported as well as authentication based schemas.

Video Encoding

Scalable video encoding cluster to deliver your content to all major online players.

DRM Protects Your Content

Automatically grows to support any load level. Easily handle traffic spikes with the power of hundreds of servers powering your site.

CDN Delivery Of Your Content

BYOCDN or use one of our partners. We have agreements in place with CDNetworks, Akamai, Limelight, and Level3.